Limo Hire at Exclusive Hire

Limo Hire at Exclusive Hire

Limousines at Exclusive Hire are worth your money and your time. We are committed to providing a unique limo hire experience that you will enjoy. Our limousines are posh and spacious. They are chauffeured with experienced drivers and quality service. When booking, all you have to do is share the details of the transportation and we will be there on time to deliver your request.

Wedding Limo Hire

Our wedding car hire is very popular for weddings. We provide personalised and tailored services to our clients to suit their needs. From balloon decorated limo hire to ribbon decorated limo hire we will be happy to comply with your requirement to ensure that your wedding car hire is up to your expectation. When you ride our limo hire, you will see the magical transformation as you enter the limo and throughout the journey. A romantic trip is awaiting you when you book your rides with Exclusive Hire. We are proven to be the best, time after time, and its only right that you get to experience the same.

Prom Limo Hire

Every limousine with limo hire is unique and is prepared to meet your expectation and more. Arrive at your prom like a Princess with your friends with our prom vehicles. The prom transport ideas that we have will inspire you to go on more trips with us. You can choose our self-drive option if you wish to ride alone or with your friends and family. However, the chauffeured hire will give you the time to relax while the journey part is taken care of by our expert drivers. For entertaining the youth of today, the limousines also have a disco floor and come excellent speakers to make you groove to your favourite jam.

Limo Hire Services

We are renowned for our service and we will be delighted to serve you as well. Every booking you make at Exclusive Hire is guaranteed to be flawless from the time of pick up to the time of drop off. We also offer bubbly drinks during your ride to heighten your fun experience with us. We are also strict about the rules of the road and we make sure that our chauffeurs are the best drivers in town. Limo Hire at Exclusive Hire is a service you can bank on, at all times.

When you are inside the limousine, you will happy with the leathered seating and mini-fridge that is stocked with all amenities. Looking at the streets from inside the limousine, you will almost feel like you are floating towards your destination. The limousine is the ultimate ride for your fair-tale trip to your prom. The Hummer and Rolls Royce are popular rides chosen for prom transport. For limo hire, you can contact us and we will help you book the ideal limousine for your transportation. Our Exclusive Hire team of support is eager to sort out your requirements.

Take a Ride in our Limousines

Take a Ride in our Limousines

Limousine hire has become a simple and easy process, with Exclusive Hire. Our classy website and quality service make limo hire accessible to everyone. They have a wide range of vehicles from the Range Rover to the Party Bus for you to hire. Limos are not only fun to ride but are also spacious enough to relax.

Drive Around Limo Hire

Limousines are designed not just for special occasions but also for regular rides where all you want to do is sit back and enjoy a comfortable ride. You can also enjoy a simple drive around limo hire for an hour or more in a limousine of your choice. If you wish to ride the limo just for fun or if you want to have a good time within the limousine, you can choose a limo hire package to suit your need as we give you a tour of the city and bring you back home. At Exclusive Hire, we break the predefinition that limousines are expensive. Stepping into the limousine, you will find yourself entering a new place of fun and entertainment. The limousine is completely equipped with all the essentials that you need to have a good time with your friends. You can dance to your favourite jam and have a party while travelling to the party.

Corporate Limo Hire

In the corporate world, when you are planning on meeting business delegates or officials, the way you look plays an important role. Our limo hire will save you a lot of talk by simply showing up. As you accompany your team of delegates, they will be naturally impressed with the attention that we give them.  Corporate limo hire is a common hire of the c300 Baby Bentley and the Rolls Royce limousines.

Party Limo Hire

Our party bus is available when you are looking to accommodate more than 20 persons. With plenty of space to move about, you can dance to the groove with our party bus limo hire. The disco floor is an attractive place to have a good time with your friends during your journey. When you travel with us, you will not feel the movement of the drive. Our chauffeurs are skilled at driving and are also certified limousine drivers.

Our limo hire is very common for weddings. We also have a number of packages based on the occasion for which you are hiring. We will ensure that our limousine is also dressed for the occasion. A bottle of non-alcoholic drink will be provided to the couple during their ride, on prior request. We do everything we can to make the event a successful one. We have been a part of many such occasions and will be pleased to help you during your event too. Use a Hummer Limo as well, stunning vehicles.

For more information about the limo hire you can visit our website You can choose from the fleet of limousines available and choose the one that you want to ride with your friends and family. Call us and book your ride!

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